Sumitomo Energy and Sony Declare the Joint-Development of the Globe's First Real Natural Semiconductor Laserlight Diode with over 100 mW Outcome Energy at 530 nm

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Achieves Twice the Luminosity of Traditional Gallium Nitride Natural Laserlight Diodes
Sumitomo Energy Sectors, Ltd. ("Sumitomo Electric") and Sony Corporation ("Sony") have efficiently designed the first*1 semiconductor laser diode with an visual output control over 100 mW in true green area at a wave length of 530 nm. This laser diode can be installed on laser projectors and many other screen equipment. The new laser diode functions twice the luminosity*2 in contrast to conventional gallium nitride (GaN) green laser diodes, and a shade range enhanced by 182% depending on the NTSC conventional (CIE 1976 shade gamut)*3. As a result, these significantly improve the efficiency of laser projectors and other screen equipment to recreate vivid video and pictures.
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